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Lake patrol

  The MCI has organized and financed the formation of a lake patrol comprised of university students specializing in environmental or biology studies. These young people patrol the lake from the beginning of May until the beginning of September. Their tasks are many and varied :

Patrol the lake

  • Surveillance for cyanobacteria;
  • Meet with shoreline residents and inform them of the best shoreline plantings for the health of the lake, on alternative ecological practices (e.g. using soap without phosphates, not using fertilizer on their lawns), give them information about the work of the MCI and its goals (membership, meetings, sale of MCI articles), and give out written information and flyers;
  • Surveillance of developments and construction around the lake.

Participation in various studies on the lake

  • Collecting specimen samples from the tributaries for the MRC;
  • Collecting specimen samples for the MDDELCC;
  • Sampling the water of Magog's beaches for the city of Magog;
  • Turbidity monitoring on Fitch Bay tributaries (2014);
  • Portrait of the evolution of aquatic plants and sediment accumulation in Northeast and Southwest Fitch Bay (2015 and 2016);
  • Studying the bacteriological quality of water in Northeast Fitch Bay (2015 and 2016);
  • Lake Memphremagog shoreline characterization (2014-2016);
  • Studying the quality of water in lake tributaries with the Global Biological Index Normalized (2012) protocol;
  • Studying lake turbidity (2013);
  • Monitoring of swimmer's itch (2013);
  • Monitoring of dissolved oxygen (2013);
  • Operation Healthy Lake (2012 and 2005).

Communication activities

  • Respond to calls from shoreline residents concerning complaints, sightings of cyanobacteria, questions about shoreline plantings etc.
  • Meet with the inspectors of the municipalities around the lake;
  • Contact with the inspectors in the case of infraction of shoreline laws;
  • Preparation of information kiosks for group meetings and events (e.g. Canada Day festival at Georgeville);
  • Meet with the members of a variety of media, on the patrol boat or elsewhere, to answer questions, hold interviews, or participate in documentaries;
  • Preparation of oral presentations for different events;
  • Draft a weekly report;
  • Update the MCI Internet site and facebook;
  • Assist with the meetings of the Board of Directors of MCI;
  • Take photographs, on a regular basis, on and around the lake, as well as of events where MCI is involved for the purpose of documentation and as evidence of MCI's activities;
  • Respond to calls on their patroller's cell phone seven days a week and until 8 o'clock at night
We invite you to take a look at the patrol's reports from the lake patrol :
Patrollers :

To contact our patrollers (819) 620-3939 or patrol@memphremagog.org

Robert Benoit, President, Responsible for the patrol
Catherine Roy, Vice-president, Secretary, Responsible for the patrol



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