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Exotic invasive aquatic species

Exotic invasive aquatic species

This summer, boaters will need to redouble their efforts to limit the spread of aquatic exotic species, such as the zebra mussel, invisible to the naked eye at the larval stage.

Click here for the Web based form to declare an observation of an aquatic exotic species in Lake Memphremagog

Click here for the Web based form to signed up to be a volunteer to collect zebra mussels (signed up before June 10, 2019).

It is more important than ever to clean, drain and dry all boats changing lakes to prevent the propagation of new exotic invasive species in Lake Memphremagog and other bodies of water in the province. Boats can be washed at various free washing stations around the lake, or directly at home, being sure to follow the instructions.

Clip Bats-toi pour ton lac! (In French only)



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