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A second nature reserve for MCI !

A second nature reserve for MCI !

MCI is proud to announce the creation of a new protected area in the Lake Memphremagog watershed, the Powell-Creek (Lacasse-Benoit sector) nature reserve. This 14.7 ha. private nature reserve, recognized by the Québec Environment department (MDDELCC), is situated in the municipality of Austin, along Powell creek. It was created with the financial participation of the Fondation de la faune du Québec.

The protection, in perpetuity, of this area will contribute to maintaining water quality, as well as the rich biodiversity and beauty of the region. More than 130 species of flora, including certain species rare or vulnerable to harvesting, as well as 20 species of fauna find refuge in the wetlands, streams and forests of the property. The northern dusky salamander, likely to be designated vulnerable or threatened, is present on the property.

The owners can continue activities that do not harm the environment on the property, while avoiding the construction of new roads or buildings and filling or draining activities, for example.

The creation of the Powell-Creek (Lacasse-Benoit sector) nature reserve is an eloquent example of mixed use and protection of biodiversity. This is the second private nature reserve recognized by the Québec government thanks to the efforts of MCI. Many thanks to the Lacasse-Benoit family for their commitment to the environment and to future generations!

« [...]what we value most are the ecological benefits provided by this land, protecting the quality of the water of Powell creek, the third largest tributary of Lake Memphremagog on the Canadian side. With this gesture, our family is pleased to contribute to the protection, in perpetuity, of a small part of the watershed of the lake» - the Lacasse-Benoit family

From left to right: Robert Benoit, Gisèle Lacasse, their grandchild and daughters, Marine, Félixe, Elyes, Chady, Valérie and Catherine.



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