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Help MCI protect turtles!

Help MCI protect turtles!

MCI will be conducting a turtle census in the lake Memphremagog watershed from June to October of this year. This census, an initiative of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, aims to pinpoint the distribution of the different turtle species in the watershed in order to protect their habitat and identify the threats to their survival.

The most frequently seen species are the painted turtle and the snapping turtle, but other species, such as the wood turtle, could also be present.

To participate to this census, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Spot the turtle and try to take several photos.

Step 2: Note the following:
-The civic address or GPS coordinates of the sighting
-The date and time of the sighting
-The animal’s physical condition
-The presence of absence of a nest and/or eggs
-A description of the spot where it was seen

Step 3: Go to the website https://www.carapace.ca/ and record your observations, post your photos and record any additional information.

You can contact MCI with any questions or comments by email at conservation@memphremagog.org or by telephone at 819 620-3939.

We would like to thank all the participants in this census!

(Picture : Painted turtle, taken by Conservation de la Nature)

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