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The appearance of blue-green algae bloom is a significant sign of deterioration of the lake, and we must all do what we can to eliminate the problem. We must start by considerably reducing the sources of phosphorus.

The MMDEP tests the water at regular intervals during the summer and issued “Memos” on the results.

Again this year, MCI has put into place a network of volunteer sentinels who monitor the lake daily, reporting on cyanobacteria blooms, as well as any other issues concerning the quality of the water in the lake. The observations collected are forwarded to the MDDEP, and the municipalities concerned.

We need your help in order to track and record these problems!

-Become a sentinel, by signing up at patrol@memphremagog.org  
- Take a look at our observation criteria
- Download our observation form and send to us at patrol@memphremagog.org  
- To learn about the precautions to take concerning your health in case of a bloom, see this Quebec governement page : http://www.sante.gouv.qc.ca/en/conseils-et-prevention/algues-bleu-vert/

Consult our web site to learn more on the subject!

Everyone is part of the solution, have a look on our Guide for watershed residents to learn more (French version online).



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