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10-04-18 News Formation Faune Sans Frontière
French only
08-09-17 News The author Louise Abbott is publishing his volume 2 Memphremagog: An illustrated history
MCI invites you to get the new book Memphremagog: An illustrated history Volume 2 written by the talented author Louise Abbott. In that book, the author expose how the development of tourism began to reshape the landscape, and how the presence of visitors, seasonal residents, and others continues to reshape the lake today.
08-08-17 News A kayak and canoe visit to fitch Bay
MCI is inviting the public to joint them in a kayak and canoe excursion in Fitch Bay on Saturday August 12th. The objective of this activity is to allow the public to
discover the richness of wetland habitats and the aquatic fauna that can be found in the bay. Biologists will be present to lead the excursion and show participants how to recognize the numerous flora and fauna to be found, such as turtles, fish and various aquatic plants.

L’activité se déroulera dans la baie Fitch, de 9h00 à 11h30. Le départ et l’arrivée se feront à partir du parc Forand, sur le chemin Narrows, à Fitch Bay.

Les participants doivent confirmer leur présence par courriel à info@memphremagog.org.
07-25-17 News A 50th annual general meeting for MCI
MCI will be holding its 50th Annual General Meeting next August 5th at 9:30 AM at the town hall of the municipality of Austin. This meeting will be paying tribute to the founders of the organization, as well as to bring the members up to date with the actions taken by MCI in 2016-2017. It will be an opportunity for the organization to share with its members the efforts it has invested in protecting the environmental health of the lake and its watershed.
11-23-16 News Presentation 'MCI: 50 years protecting Lake Memphremagog!'
In order to help finance their activities, Georgeville Nature Ski and Studio Georgeville are hosting a presentation by MCI entitled 'MCI: 50 years protecting Lake Memphremagog!'.
03-30-16 News St Francis Valley Naturalists’ Club
Conference: March 30, 2016
02-20-16 News Conference: The Conservation of Natural Areas in the Lake Memphremagog
The conference will be led by Francine Hone, a Quebec specialist in the field of conservation, who will share information on the region’s ecology as well as ways in which landowners can contribute to the protection of the natural areas on their property. Ariane Orjikh, biologist, will present the Healthy Fitch Bay Project: From Diagnoses to Solutions.
09-30-15 News Work carried out in wetlands by Domaine Memphremagog sur le lac: The minister orders restoration work.
Textes of the orders (In French only)
07-17-14 News Partnership between Memphremagog Conservation Inc., the author Louise Abbott and the Bannerman Family Foundation
MCI is pleased to participate in the distribution and sale of author, photographer and cinematographer Louise Abbott’s most recent book.
06-02-12 News Conference about the role ecosystems play in maintaining the water quality of the Lake Memphremagog.
Conference about the role ecosystems play in maintaining the water quality of the Lake Memphremagog.
Speaker: M. Marc Gauthier, Ph.D. biologist



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