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08-30-18 Invasive alien species Monitoring of calcium concentrations and physico-chemical parameters at Lake Memphremagog for the summer of 2018
The main limiting factors of zebra mussels are calcium concentration and pH.(french only)
07-23-18 Invasive alien species Evaluation of the Presence of Zebra Mussels in Lake Memphremagog /Magog Bay in July 2018
Invasive zebra mussels were inventoried in 2018 to determine their potential proliferation in Lake Memphremagog. A team of biologists and the MCI patrollers found low levels of the empty shells of these bivalves, evidence that their arrival is recent, likely 2 or 3 years ago. However, the Lake's physico-chemical profile makes the 10 first metres around the whole lake a likely site for their expansion. Further surveillance needs to be undertaken in future years.
09-23-17 Invasive alien species Invasive alien plants pamphlet
Description of 6 species of invasive alien plants. What to do if you are dealing with an invasive alien plant.



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