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Healthy Fitch Bay: From diagnoses to solutions!

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Date Category Description File
04-25-17 Healty Fitch Bay Environmental evolution of Fitch Bay watershed
The project was taken up by a team students from both the Université de Sherbrooke and Bishop’s University supervised by MCI.
07-10-16 Healty Fitch Bay Healthy Fitch Bay leaflet
A leaflet summarizing the objectives of Healthy Fitch Bay Project and positive actions that can be done by all to protect this important natural environment.
01-01-16 Healty Fitch Bay 2015 Project Results
Healthy Fitch Bay Project.
2015 Project results (In French only)
07-13-15 Healty Fitch Bay Action plan 2015-2020 (abridged version)
Abridged Version of the Action Plan of Healthy Fitch Bay Project
(In French only)
07-12-15 Healty Fitch Bay Action Plan 2015-2020 (Full text)
The complete version of Healthy Fitch Bay Project (In French only)
07-11-15 Healty Fitch Bay Presentation on the Healthy Fitch Bay Project, AGM 2015
Presentation given by Ariane Orjikh at the Annual General Meeting, July 11, 2015.
02-21-15 Healty Fitch Bay CONFERENCE Healty Fitch Bay: From Diagnoses to Solutions - February 21, 2015
Conference given by Ariane Orjikh, François Bélanger and Francine Hone, on Saturday February 21, 2015 at the Town Hall of Stanstead Township.



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